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Problem of purchase and payment:

  • Q: I tried to pay through "wire transfer" or "Postal Mail" but could not successfully?
  • A: When you access the order page, you could see several pay method, including:
    Credit Card
    Wire Transfer
    Post Mail
    We suggest you strongly to use "Credit Card" or "PayPal" to pay online. (Note: In most cases, the "wire transfer" could not complete)
  • Q: If I meet the failure of the payment, is there other way to purchase?
  • A: Yes. Please mail to us:
    ( replace the '#' with '@')
    And we could help you and you will also get a discount!
  • Q: I could not open the order page with the software UI menu?
  • A: It is maybe becuase of the internet browser problem, please open a new IE blank page and try to open below webpage:
    then go to the product page which you want and click the "buy now" to purchase online.